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Avent on Falls, Rocky Mount, NC

Morgan and Wells, Shelby, NC

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Experiential travelers are exploring the US on a new level. Sojourn Heritage Accommodations is among the reasons why travelers are redefining spaces, lodging, and viewing urban communities in new kinds of ways. Our brand is a place to truly anchor the spirit of heritage tourism and give a place to breathe. The instinct to reconnect with culture and heritage is fundamental to why our accommodations are sought after. Not surprisingly, we have become a significant catalyst and leading force, exposing our guest to lodging spaces that hosts a diverse tapestry of art, music, food, and products. At the same time, we are introducing visitors and residents to the history of local communities and as more people visit, the greater economic impact our brand has on the communities where we are located. This helps our communities become viable economic tourism destinations and locations of national and global interest.

Sojourn Heritage Accommodations Brand currently has four locations with a strategic plan of significant growth over the next 1-3 years. Each location will combine the instinct to reconnect with culture and heritage and shares a part of our American story. We begin with Six Aces in Cincinnati, Ohio to Avent on Falls in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and Morgan Wells in Shelby, North Carolina to the most southern part of the US, Dunns-Josephine in Miami, Florida. Our brand is changing why people travel to select destinations and locations. We are reclaiming our story and embedding it in the fabric, walls, pillows and paintings on the walls. The Brand is the storyteller. Each location has a narrative, historical moments to share, authentic truths and experiences to remember. Our logo includes the Sankofa Bird which means “Go Back and Get It! Reach Into the Past to See Your Future”. Our goal is to do just that, to connect people and places in extraordinary ways.

The Sojourn Heritage Accommodations Brand is a curated hospitality experience of African American and diaspora people, past, present, and future deriving as much benefit as possible from the growing demands brought about from interests in heritage and cultural destinations. Our story is a part of the American story and we encourage those from all walks of life, all races and all cultures to come and allow us to share our story with you. We are the Brand that demonstrates to the travel industry the inherent wealth and value of the African American experience.



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