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  1. Madam C.J. Walker created a line of haircare products for African American women, leading her to later become the first female African American self-made millionaire. There is now a Netflix series based upon her journey, titled Self Made.
  2. Computer scientist Lisa Gelobter assisted with the 1995 creation of Shockwave, essential technology that led to the development of web animation. (So we have her to thank for GIFs.)
  3. Agricultural scientist George Carver was responsible for creating over 500 new products made from peanuts and sweet potatoes, including cooking oils, paint, and soap.
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In 1960, Wilma Rudolph, of Clarksville, TN, won with the new Olympic record time of 11.3 seconds in Rome with the new record time of 11.3 seconds in in the women’s 100-meter dash in Rome, 1960. In 1908, after winning the 4 x 400 meter relay, John Taylor became the...

Music and Television

Dubbed “Hip-Hop’s First Godmother” by Billboard, singer and music producer Sylvia Robinson produced the first-ever commercially successful rap record: “Rapper’s Delight,” by the Sugar Hill Gang. And along with her husband, she co-owned the first hip-hop label, Sugar...

Important Figures

In case you didn’t already know, the creator of Black History Month was historian Carter G. Woodson. Often referred to as the “Father of Black History,” he was notably the second African American to graduate from Harvard University with a doctorate degree, and is...

Blacks and Literature

Phillis Wheatley was the first African American to publish a book of poetry, Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral, in 1773. Born in the Gambia and sold to the Wheatley family in Boston when she was 7 years old, Wheatley was emancipated shortly after her book...

Cincinnati- City of Immigrants

African-American 1830’s – 1930’s  Soon after Cincinnati was founded in 1788, blacks came across the Ohio River to live and work in the city. Many had been born free, some were freed slaves, and others were enslaved fugitives who had escaped their masters and...

Hamilton Ave Freedom

Hall of Free Discussion site (current site near the Mill Creek Bike Trail across from Dane Avenue in Northside) – James C. Ludlow, an abolitionist and son of Colonel Israel Ludlow (Israel was one of three surveyors sent to survey the Miami Purchase responsible for...


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