As efforts to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 continue to produce better results, discussions at the national, state, and local level transition to the reopening of commerce. Governments, elected officials, and partners in the travel economy have asked our industry for input on the necessary steps that will allow a safe and responsible restart to business, travel, and other economic activity.  The hotel & lodging industry has provided guidance in a number of key areas that will ensure that as our businesses get back to more regular operation, employees, guests, properties, and our entire state are safe, protected, and able to take advantage of all that Ohio has to offer.

Enhanced Industry-Wide Hotel Cleaning Standards in Response to COVID-19

The lodging industry has a longstanding commitment to cleanliness and safety for our employees and guests and already maintained strict protocols in this regard. These new health and safety guidelines represent best practices for the hotel industry, in accordance with CDC guidelines, during the re-opening phase of the economy. Developed by an Advisory Council including all of the major national hotel brands and companies, these industry-wide standards are endorsed by the Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association as the basis for state and local benchmarks.

Customers & Guests

• Ensure a minimum of 6 feet between customers, when possible
• Specify hours for at-risk populations, as appropriate (e.g. elderly)
• Place hand sanitizers in high-contact locations
• Ask customers and guests not to enter if symptomatic
• Stagger entry of customers and guests • Entertainment businesses that offer sports activities and sports leagues must follow guidance for General NonContact Sports

Physical Spaces
• Ensure a minimum of 6 feet between people, if possible. If not possible, install barriers
• Post social distancing signage and disinfect high-contact surfaces hourly
• Clean merchandise before stocking if possible
• Establish maximum capacity
• Discontinue self-service food stations, product samples
• Food courts must follow Restaurants, Bars, and Banquet & Catering Facilities/Services Guidance
• Entertainment businesses with foodservice operations must also follow Restaurants, Bars, and Banquet & Catering Facilities/Services Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions





Parking Question 1

Six Acres Bed & Breakfast provides on-site parking. We are not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise from your vehicle. Please secure your vehicle. If there are valuables that you would like for us to secure, please let us know in advance. 

Parking Question 2

We do not recommend that patrons or guests use street parking due to the heavy traffic on the main street called Hamilton Ave (Rt 127).

Parking Question 3

If a larger vehicle (passenger bus, heavy-duty truck, etc.) will be parked on the premises, please call  Kristin at 513-477-7781 ahead of time.

Pricing Question 1

Prices are listed on our website and the booking site.

Pricing Question 2

We offer special prices for groups. Please call  Kristin at 513-477-7781 or write to to provide the special rate.

Pricing Question 3

Pricing may vary for events based on party size, special accommodations, food, and length of stay. Please call  Kristin at 513-477-7781 or write to to make the proper arrangements.

Booking Question 1

Booking Question 2

To book events or for special accommodations, please call  Kristin at 513-477-7781 or write to

Booking Question 3

Occasionally, our booking site may be down for maintenance. Please try again. 

Dining Question 1

We offer a complimentary breakfast for our guests.

Dining Question 2

If you are looking for local dining see our list.

Dining Question 3

For all special events, food is provided using our catering service. Please call  Kristin at 513-477-7781 or write to to provide additional information.