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Extended Stay





Grandma Sallie Mae

Pretty in pink, this rose petal suite will surely romance you with its generous private bath and twinkling night-time view.

Sunday-Thursday Rate: $119
Friday-Saturday Rate:  $169

Grandma Grace

Is it persimmon? Call it what you like, this room topped with its silky decor will sweeten your dreams like a rich dessert.

Sunday-Thursday: $119
Friday-Saturday: $149

Grandma Helen

Gentle as a summery blue sky, you can lull yourself to sleep in this cozy room bedecked with charming appointments.

  Sunday-Thursday: $119
  Friday-Saturday: $139

Grandma Beatrice

Immerse yourself in the solitude of this turquoise retreat, surrounded by trees, tucked away from the other guests, private bath included

Sunday-Thursday: $119
Friday-Saturday: $149

Grandma Dixon

Let the sunshine in, as you brighten your stay with this spacious sunny yellow room and private bath.

Sunday-Thursday: $119
Friday-Saturday: $169

7th Acre 

Barbara's Room

2nd Floor King + Private Bathroom=$169 Friday-Saturday

private bath

$119 Sunday -Thursday

Robin's Room

2nd Floor Queen + Private Bathroom=$139 Friday-Saturday

private bath

$119 Sunday -Thursday

Leah's Room

3rd Floor-Shared Hall Bath=$139/night Friday-Saturday

Two double beds

$119 Sunday-Thursday

Iris' Room

3rd Floor + Shared Bathroom=$139 Friday-Saturday

$119 Sunday-Thursday

Annie's Suite includes

Two bedroom

Two room suite with a King in one room and full in other; full kitchen, private bath and living  room included.

Price:  $149 Sunday-Thursday,  $179 Friday-Saturday

5350 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45224 513-541-0873